Novapeutics LLC

Diabetes treatment via regenerating beta cells


Novapeutics LLC is a biopharmaceutical company spun-out from the University of Pennsylvania that aims to develop a first-in-class, oral curative therapeutic to reverse the course of diabetes by regenerating insulin-producing beta cells. Our approach utilizes small molecule therapeutics to to disrupt menin and mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) proteins, known as a menin inhibitor, which enhancing endogenous beta cell regeneration in diabetes patients. Currently with the support of the SBIR funding from NIH/NIDDK, we have identified promising novel menin inhibitors as our drug leads.


By restoring beta cell mass in the diabetic’s pancreas is the curative approach for a comprehensive strategy to effectively manage a patient’s blood glucose level: not only through reacting to glucose increase with supplemental insulin, but also coordinating with its endogenous synergistic partner amylin release to slow the glucose release into the blood. Therefore, we are developing a first-in-class curative diabetes drug called Menin inhibitor, a small molecule that will stimulate the insulin producing beta-cells in the pancreatic islet to regenerate.

Mechanism of Action

The Novapeutics approach increases the number of functional pancreatic beta cells by regeneration while potentially reducing stress in beta cells, resulting in overall maximum endogenous insulin output in diabetes patients. The mechanism of action involves selective disruption of the menin and MLL (mixed lineage leukemia-1) proteins interaction, which ultimately increases beta cell mass and insulin and amylin production. Targetting the protein molecule of menin has been shown and published in two different diabetes mouse models, demostrating our target could effectively reverse diabetes.