• Frank Leu, PhD – CEO &
Co-Founder; 13 years in specialty biopharm leadership roles from R&D to executive
• XianXin Hua, MD, PhD –
Co-Founder; Professor at University of Pennsylvania; Full member of Institute of Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism; Full member of Penn’s Diabetes Research Center; World renowned menin and diabetes expert
• Thais Sielecki, PhD –
VP Drug Development — BMS, Merck, DuPont, and Cytokine Pharmasciences; over 20 years in drug development
• Joseph Vacca, PhD – Senior Advisor; American Chemical Society Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame; 30 plus years at Merck as Senior VP from pre- to clinical development and operations; Head of early success partnership at WuXi AppTech
• PCI Ventures, University of Pennsylvania – Michael Poisel, Director of PCI Ventures and former Principal at NewSpring Ventures