COMPANY OVERVIEW: Novapeutics LLC is a biopharmaceutical company spun-out from the University of Pennsylvania that aims to develop a first-in-class, oral curative therapeutic to reverse the course of diabetes by regenerating insulin-producing beta cells.

OUR TARGET MARKET: According to the CDC, 10% of Americans currently suffer from Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), and if the present trend continues, prevalence will drastically increase to 33% by the year 2050. The American Diabetes Association estimates that total healthcare expenditures associated with diabetes is $245 billion yearly, with $34 billion spent globally on therapeutics. The T2D market alone is estimated to reach $38.8 billion by 2019. Additionally, the average medical cost per T2D patient is almost $7,900/year, which can equate to over $500,000 in a patient’s lifetime.

INCREASING GLOBAL DIABETICS CRISIS WITHOUT A CURE: Conventional T2D treatments utilize various mechanisms of action that all aim to maintain normal blood glucose levels. However, no treatment addresses the major underlying cause of disease, which is a decrease in insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. Therefore, despite these therapeutic options, many patients are unable to curb beta cell depletion and disease progression, and ultimately require exogenous insulin injections. These patients are in need of a treatment to regenerate beta cells and to boost endogenous production of insulin.

FUNDING: Small Business Innovation Research Phase 1 Award (SBIR) from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.